martedì 18 agosto 2009

"THE RUNNER" Official Movie Trailer

"The Runner" is out!t The Movie will be presented at the next edition of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, fron 28th August '09. You can order your dvd copy here. (the movie is subtitled in English/ French/ Spanish)
Here you can see the official movie's trailer.

Love, pain, revenge.
The true story of a worker who became the Ultra Trail World Champion at 60 years old

"In life I'm a loser.
I was born poor, as I am poor still now.
I run to revenge myself, I run for vengeance."
Marco Olmo, 2008

Marco Olmo is a living legend of extreme running. He became late, when the others started to stop.
In his previous lives, as he says, he has been a farmer, a truck driver, a workman.
Running has became his reason for living, the way to take revenge on his hard destiny.
At the age of 58 he has became Ultratrail World Champion, winning the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, the hardest and most important endurance race in the world, over twenty hours of uninterrupted running, 167 km (over 100 miles) around the tallest mountain in Europe.
An almost unimaginable speciality, where mental and physical training and personal motivations are fundamental.
Despite age, physical problems and always younger and more prepared opponents, he doesnt want to stop. For one year he prepares for the new edition of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc. This competirtion, which for two consecutive times has consecreted him as the champion, could become the last of his career. Marco must win, to show himself that he can still do it.
This is his story.


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