mercoledì 11 novembre 2009

"The Runner" reviewed on

Meet Italian Marco Olmo, Ultra runner and defending champion as he spends a year training for what may be his final race, Ultra Trail du Mont-Blanc. Starting his running at age 27, he is now more than double that age and still bringing home more hardware on each outing. By day he works as a driver in a quarry, and other times he can be found in the remote areas around his town putting in the miles. His wife, Renata, is his support team and sounding board. She appears to be the one who knows Marco the best, if anyone can say that they know him at all. There is a short (85K) tune up race, the Cro-Magnon(6 time previous winner), before the final preparations for the 167K climax run. Watch this wonderful documentary to get a taste of elite trail running, from the community to the psychology of the event.
Captions are provided in Italian, English, French, or Spanish, yet at times you must read quite fast to keep up with the story. If you have never heard of Marco Olmo, do yourself a favor and watch this movie, and afterwards you will ask yourself how you were unaware of one of this running legend who people have called Desert Fox, Extraterrestrial, Superman, Camel, and "The man who has stopped time"
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